Dr. Ernest Kornmehl is an experienced ophthalmologist, providing comprehensive treatment for a number of refractive errors including dry eye. As a talented Boston vision correction specialist, he also performs CK Surgery and custom Wavefront LASIK at his Boston area offices.

Dry Eye Treatment Center

Dry eye can be caused by a number of factors. On the page below, Dr. Ernest Kornmehl explains the various causes of dry eye and symptoms of dry eye. It is important to be properly evaluated for dry eye in Boston if you are considering laser eye surgery so that the refractive surgery can be properly tailored to your condition.

Dry Eye can result from decreased tear production, an unstable tear film, and rapid evaporation of tears.

Causes of Dry Eye:

The following can exacerbate Dry Eye:

Symptoms of Dry Eye

A comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Kornmehl will determine if you are in need of Dry Eye treatment in Boston. He will customize your treatment according to your specific condition.

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