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Electroretinogram (ERG)

Advanced technological test for retinal FUNCTION that has predictive value for diabetic retinopathy, glaucomatous optic atrophy progression and development/ progression of medical retinal pathology (ex. macular degeneration). An extremely important benefit is predictive value of future pathology if there is no discernable structural changes related to disease.  Particularly helpful if there is a family history of macular degeneration.  This is the most sensitive technology to determine likelihood of future medical retinal disease (not retinal tears or holes or retinal detachments). Preventative options and close monitoring will be stressed if abnormal.

About RETeval® handheld ERG

The RETeval® is a handheld visual electrophysiology device which performs an ERG test that records the speed and strength of the electrical response of your retina when stimulated by a series of flashes of light.  The signal is collected through the Sensor Strips- little stickers located under our eye, similar to what is used during an electrocardiogram (ECG) testing.

The RETeval® device allows Dr. Kornmehl to detect functional stress and cell loss in the retina and optic nerve pathways. The retina is the layer in the back of your eye that responds to light.  When light is detected by your retina it is converted into an electrical signal.  These assessments can help Dr. Kornmehl detect and manage diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and inherited and acquired retinal dystrophies prior to structural changes.

How Is An ERG Test Done?

Testing is comfortable, simple, and efficient.

  • The technician will prepare the skin under your eyes where the Sensor Strips will be placed to be clean, dry and free of any lotions or oils.  This will ensure that the sensors can detect the electrical signal generated by your retina.
  • The technician will ask you to cover the non-tested eye and will place the RETeval® device in front of your eye.
  • You will see a red fixation light and a series of flashes of light.  Continue to look at the red light for the duration of the test.  Make sure to follow the technician’s instructions.