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Boston LASIK & Refractive Patient Testimonials

These testimonials below describe how these Boston and Massachusetts area patients have been helped by refractive surgery performed by Dr Ernest Kornmehl. Boston LASIK has helped eliminate or greatly reduce the myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism of many patients and has helped reverse age-related farsightedness, or presbyopia, of many patients.

I have worn contact lenses for the last 20 years (-4.75 w/ astigmatism most recently). During this time, I have had numerous problems with them but would tolerate the discomfort rather than wear glasses. I finally decided that laser surgery would be my only option.

I was referred to Dr. Kornmehl by a colleague who spent 6 years at a company developing the laser technology that is used today. He had the advantage of knowing who the best doctors were across the world performing LASIK. Dr. Kornmehl came highly recommended as an incredible technician and thought leader in the laser eye industry.

The procedure itself was painless with only a couple of hours of post-op tearing and mild burning. One day after the procedure, I was seeing 20/20 with no astigmatism. LASIK has been a life-changing experience. Please know that the LASIK procedure is technique dependent, the computer cannot do all the work, so it pays to go to the very best. My thanks to Dr. Kornmehl and his great staff.

Steve Koenigsberg
Biotech Marketing Manager
Woburn Massachusetts

I went from 20/800, which is legally blind, to 20/20 and I was at work the same night. For years I thought about laser surgery but was too chicken. LASIK is newer and there is no pain during or after the surgery and the recovery time is a couple of hours. However, it is highly dependent on the skill of the surgeon and we are so fortunate that one of the best is right here in Boston. That is why I selected Dr. Kornmehl to do my surgery. LASIK is one of the best things I ever did in my life. It is right up there with going to Harvard Business School.

Leslie Gold
Radio Talk Show Host/Two Chicks Dishing
Boston, MA

I chose LASIK because of the freedom it brings. At 42 years-old I am not the world’s best athlete but I like all the activities that go along with an active lifestyle. With contact lenses or glasses they are always there, always a presence. Because I chose the LASIK procedure my life is a new and enlightening experience. Just last night I stood up in front of 100 people at an insurance seminar and said that LASIK was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Lisa McAree
Principal, Insurance Company
Boston, MA

I cannot stop talking about my new eyes. I have a permanent smile from ear to ear. I can wake up and see the clock. It is such a new freedom to not have to worry about contact lenses or glasses. The procedure was so quick, and the best part was that I was back to work the very next day. The most significant difference was that immediately after the procedure I could see the big “E” on the eye chart as well as three other lines perfectly! Before the laser surgery I couldn’t even see the big “E”! Dr. Kornmehl is the best.

Diana DiCarlo
Account Executive, WROR Radio
Lynn, MA

I have very sensitive eyes. I did not like wearing contact lenses and had to wear my glasses all the time. A friend had the procedure done and recommended that I do it. My husband researched the procedure extensively and after finding out that the success rates were very high, I was convinced. The procedure was very quick and painless. Now, it is such a luxury to get up in the morning and be able to see everything without fumbling around for glasses.

Claudia Grazekamp, Ph.D.
Scientist, Harvard Medical School
Newton, MA

After having to wear glasses all my life, it was quite a living miracle not to have to wear them anymore. As a competitor in track and field as well as other athletic activities, I found that glasses were a bother and I could not wear contact lenses as I needed very sharp vision. LASIK was the answer but Dr. Kornmehl was the key. Dr. Kornmehl was extremely accommodating to my schedule and exceedingly kind and gentle. It is a freedom that anyone with vision problems should definitely consider. I would recommend it to anyone!

Dr. Lincoln Russin, M.D.
North Hampton, MA

The whole procedure was a pleasant surprise. I did not expect it to take only 15 minutes and I certainly did not expect to see results immediately after it was finished. My expectations were exceeded in both areas. The benefits are tremendous. I can drive without glasses – something I have never been able to do. Before, my vision was such a handicap, now it is such an advantage.

Stephanie Chalupka
College Professor
Worcester, MA

With three active children, I was always worried that I would lose my contact lenses down the sink or any where else for that matter. As a nurse, I have known Dr. Kornmehl for sometime and have had the chance to review his practice and his medical procedures. He is one of the best… if not the best. He is extremely particular and precise and takes every precaution imaginable. Three words have never entered my vocabulary until now, clean, clear and crisp. The LASIK procedure is amazing.

Maryanne Volz
Winthrop, MA

Unfortunately I am not a candidate. However, I felt lucky that I came to such a qualified doctor because Dr. Kornmehl was able to diagnose a disease with my eyes that is rare that most eye doctors would not be able to diagnose. It is difficult to see so I was very impressed. I remember going home and saying to my mother that I was just blessed that I went to the right doctor.

Jennifer Robinson
Director of Consulting Group
Boston, MA

It is important that you feel comfortable with the doctor. It was particularly important to me because I am very nervous and I hate surgery, I cannot even go to a dentist. Dr. Kornmehl just relaxed me and I just felt he was going to take care of me in any situation. He makes you feel so comfortable. His staff, his precare, aftercare. It’s just amazing. Dr. Kornmehl is one of the tops in his field. When other doctors ask for information they either read his book or go to him. Use my doctor because he’s fantastic.

Onetta Bobbett
Mrs. Massachusetts
Boston, MA

My brother Ed is a surgeon, an eye surgeon. And for eight years I asked him if I could have Lasik done. Each time I saw him I asked, “Did you find somebody? Did you find somebody?” And he would say only when I find the best. And then one day he said call this doctor and I did and it was Dr. Kornmehl.

Lisa Surabian
Watertown, MA