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As a highly experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Kornmehl offers an array of vision correction and eye care services ranging from state-of-the-art Boston LASIK procedures to comprehensive eye exams. The latter vision assessment procedure plays a crucial role in achieving and maintaining optimal visual health, which is why Dr. Kornmehl recommends that his patients undergo regular eye exams in Wellesley. Please explore the paragraphs below to learn more.

Eye Exam: What Is It?

Contrary to a popular misconception, a comprehensive eye exam is very different from vision screening provided by school nurses, pediatricians and some employers. During a complete eye exam, a specially trained eye doctor evaluates not only refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism), but he or she also evaluates the health of a patient's eyes. By using an array of advanced instruments, an experienced eye doctor can detect early signs of such potentially sight-threatening diseases as glaucoma, macular degeneration and amblyopia. Because some eye diseases progress slowly and have minimal or no symptoms in their early stages, regular eye exams are vital in discovering them at the earliest possible stage when treatment is most effective.

Why Are Eye Exams Important?

Regular eye exams are important for both adults and children. While adults are usually able to tell when it is time to see an eye doctor, children often are unable to articulate their vision problems. Many of them are used to their visual impairments and simply do not know that their vision should be much better. Compromised visual health is a serious problem because it can lead to learning difficulties as the child constantly struggles to read the whiteboard, fine print on the assignment sheets and regular-print books. In order to detect eye problems and treat them effectively, Dr. Kornmehl recommends that children undergo eye exams at least every one to two years throughout school. Most adults should receive comprehensive eye exams every two to three years.

Types of Eye Exams

As a seasoned Boston eye exams specialist, Dr. Ernest Kornmehl offers a range of advanced eye health evaluations. Depending on the unique needs of each patient, he uses a customized combination of tests and instruments to precisely diagnose refractive and eye health problems. Some of the eye exams available at his offices include:

Contacting Your Boston Eye Exams Specialist

If you would like to undergo a thorough eye exam that can detect eye diseases and precisely assess your refractive errors, please use our contact page to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kornmehl. He will perform a set of sophisticated tests to carefully evaluate your visual health in order to recommend the best treatment plan and/or prescribe appropriate glasses/contact lenses.

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