Dr. Ernest Kornmehl, a Boston LASIK specialist, is recognized for his expertise in vision correction surgery, including LASIK, PRK, LASEK and CK Surgery. He performs custom wavefront LASIK at his Boston Area offices in Brookline and Wellesley.

Boston LASEK

LASEK is performed in Boston by Ernest Kornmehl, MD. Dr Kornmehl is a refractive surgery specialist. The page below provides information about LASEK eye surgery in Boston and about how this surgery has similarities and differences from LASIK. LASEK is performed exacly like PRK, except that the epithelium is put back over the cornea at the end of the procedure. 50% of patients have less discomfort than with PRK, however we still do not know if the risk of haze is reduced. The final refractive results mirror that of PRK.

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Dr. Kornmehl has surgical privileges at 75 Francis Street, Boston, MA 02115 (617) 232-2090

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