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Boston LipiFlow Results

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LipiFlow- Putting a Lid on Evaporative Dry Eye (Pt. 2)

The technology features an interferometer that measure the thickness of the lipid layer and evaluates the ocular surface via digital images. It is helpful to both patients and physicians when low readings are measured and documented in patients wiht non-obvious MGD. The thermal pulsation system applies controlled warmth (up to 42.5 degrees celcius) to the… Read the full article

LipiFlow- Putting a Lid on Evaporative Dry Eye (Pt.1)

Dry eye is ubiquitous. Its causes are manifold and varied and include long-term contact lens wear, medications, aging, pregnancy and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD is now recognized as the leading cause of dry eye. MGD is commonly associated with inflammation and pouting glands, but is most often “non-obvious” without any signs of inflammation noted… Read the full article