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Risks and Complications with LASIK (Pt. 8)

Corneal Ectasia Corneal ectasia is a disorder that appears just like keratoconus but develops after LASIK.  It is also called secondary keratoconus oriatrogenic keratoconus.  It is very rare, and its causes are uncertain. Some patients who develop ectasia after LASIK would have developed keratoconus even without LASIK surgery because of their genetic predisposition. Other patients develop it because… Read the full article

Risks and Complications with LASIK (Pt. 2)

Overcorrection Overcorrection results when the refractive error is changed more than was intended. An initial, or temporary, overcorrection may occur and usually rights itself in the first month. After a treatment for farsightedness, an overcorrection would make you temporarily nearsighted. In this case, your distance vision would be somewhat blurred and your near vision rather good…. Read the full article