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Your Consultation (cont’d, pt.2)

Your Medical History

When you meet with your surgeon for the first time, he or she will want to get a sense of your overall health and the health of your eyes. It is important for your surgeon to know everything about your medical history. Some systemic diseases- like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus- certain healing disorders, diabetes,  and a current or planned pregnancy demand special consideration when it comes to laser vision correction.

Also, tell your surgeon about any ongoing changes or problems you have had with your vision. For example, if you have a significant cataract, you should not undergo LASIK vision correction. Symptoms of cataract include glare from lamps or very bright light, frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription, and cloudy of blurred vision.

Be sure to tell your surgeon about any problems you’ve had with contact lenses, or any other eye-related discomfort you have been having. For example, patients often turn to laser eye surgery when their contacts have become too uncomfortable to wear because of dry eyes.