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Eye Health and Safety Tips

3 Tips for Better Eye Safety & Care for Eye Injury Prevention Month

Board-certified ophthalmologist Ernest Kornmehl and his team recognize October as Eye Injury Prevention Month. Most eye injuries are accidents that can be prevented by taking certain precautions and care. During the month of October, Dr. Kornmehl strives to raise our community’s awareness of how to reduce the risk of eye injuries. Read on for three of the doctor’s best tips.

1.    Take Care Around Projectiles

Many eye injuries are caused by foreign objects that accidentally enter the eye. These accidents often happen while working on home projects (such as cleaning, gardening or performing yard work). Be particularly cautious whenever working with objects that could become airbone and get stuck in your eyes. Even objects such as dirt, dust, sand or small particles of glass or metal can badly injure the eyes.

Your best line of defense against household and yard projectiles is wearing appropriate safety goggles. Make sure your goggles fit securely and feel comfortable, so you are more likely to wear them regularly. Don’t forget your goggles when mowing the lawn, trimming weeds, gardening and using household cleaners. (And if you have children that like to “help” or observe you while you work around the house, get them their own pair of goggles, or ask them to go to another area of the home so they don’t accidentally get hurt.)

2.    Optimize Your Lighting

Other common traumatic eye injuries are caused by slipping or tripping in areas of the home that are not adequately lighted. Take inventory of your home, paying attention to staircases and steps. Are these areas properly lighted? If not, add lamps or increase the brightness of the existing lights. You can also add handrails for extra protection around stairs and steps.

3.    Protect Your Eyes From Sports-Related Injuries

Sports and recreational activities are often responsible for many types of eye injuries, including corneal abrasions, eye socket fractures and detached retinas. If you play sports — especially contact, collision or racquet sports — lower your risk of an eye injury by wearing protective gear that is specific to your preferred sport or activity. Depending on the sport you play, you may need to wear safety goggles with polycarbonate lenses, a helmet and/or face shield.

Learn More About Eye Safety From Dr. Kornmehl

Should you injure yourself, seek immediate medical attention from a qualified professional. And if you have general questions about keeping your eyes safe while working around the home or playing your favorite sport, Dr. Kornmehl is here to help you. Please call or email Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates today.