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5 Reasons to Have LASIK in 2017


The beginning of the year is a popular time to make resolutions, and many resolutions involve health-related goals. If you have made health-related resolutions, do they include improving your eyesight? Laser vision correction with LASIK is an excellent way to enjoy clearer vision without the burden of glasses or contacts.

Here, Dr. Ernest Kornmehl, a Boston LASIK surgeon at Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates, shares five reasons to consider having LASIK this year.

1. Freedom from Glasses and Contacts

Glasses and contact lenses can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Life without these visual aids is easier — you can get up and go at a moment’s notice without reaching for your glasses or putting in contact lenses. Traveling is less stressful when not having to pack backup glasses or bottles of contact lens solutions. And, for individuals that develop frequent infections from putting in contact lenses, LASIK plays a big role in improving their comfort and quality of life.

2 Improved Self-Confidence

If your glasses make you self-conscious of your appearance, LASIK can help. In fact, many of our LASIK patients mention poor self-image as a motivating factor to have LASIK surgery.

3. Enhanced Athletic Ability

Sports and exercise become easier and more enjoyable when not worrying about wearing glasses or contact lenses. Swimmers, joggers, cyclists and those that play contact sports often notice a significant improvement in their skills after LASIK.

4. Pays For Itself

While the initial investment in LASIK is higher than a box of contact lenses or new eyeglass frames, it is a one-time cost. Compare it to 20 or 30 years of paying for visual aids and cleaning supplies. LASIK virtually pays for itself!

And, as an added bonus, you might be able to allocate tax-free funds from your employer-sponsored health or flexible savings account (depending on the plan specifics) to pay for some or all of your surgery. This approach lowers taxable income and helps LASIK fit into the budget more easily.

5. LASIK Technology Is Better Than Ever

Thanks to modern advances in LASIK technology, Dr. Kornmehl can now correct your vision blade-free. He offers IntraLase to candidates who qualify for all-laser LASIK. A femtosecond laser is used to create the corneal flap before the excimer laser ablates the underlying corneal tissue. This automates the procedure and enhances its precision and accuracy.

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