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Reasons to Have LASIK

5 Reasons to Have LASIK in 2020

Do you rely on glasses or contacts for the vision you need to function on a daily basis? If so, you have probably wondered about LASIK from time to time.

Having any elective surgery, including LASIK, requires a lot of thought and consideration. Dr. Ernest Kornmehl, one of Boston’s leading LASIK surgeons, can confidently say there has never been a better time to consider laser vision correction.

Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy with LASIK:

1. Clear, Independent Vision

LASIK gives you the opportunity to see clearly all the time. You can perform the most basic of tasks, like reading a text or checking your watch, without first looking for your glasses or contacts. You can go out for a run, jump into a pool at a moment’s notice or play on the ground with your children without worrying about your glasses breaking or your contacts falling out.

2. Best Vision Possible

Today’s LASIK technology means better outcomes than previously thought possible. Many patients are able to see better after LASIK than they could while wearing glasses or contacts!

3. Save Money

If you have a refractive error, you probably spend a lot of money to correct it. The repeated costs of new or replacement contact or glasses lenses, frames, cleaning supplies and visits to the optometrist add up. For many, the cost of LASIK is a wise financial investment that eliminates these repeated costs and pays for itself over time.

4. Advance Your Career

Glasses and contacts interfere with different careers in different ways. If you work in a computer-based desk job, the glare from a computer screen onto your glasses may give you frequent headaches, or contacts may make your eyes dry out regularly. If you work in a healthcare setting or as a first responder, your glasses can get in the way when every moment counts. If you wish you could join the police force or the military, your glasses or contacts may prohibit you from these careers.

LASIK eliminates these obstacles, giving you an opportunity to excel at work or pursue your dream occupation.

5. Live the Active Lifestyle You Want

LASIK makes sports, swimming, skiing, biking and other physical activities easier, more comfortable and more enriching. Travel and making spontaneous plans is also much easier without worrying about visual aids.

Clearer, crisper vision can be yours in the New Year! Contact Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates today and request a LASIK consultation with Dr. Kornmehl.