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5 Signs You Might Need Glasses

It can be difficult to realize that you need glasses. If your vision has been a certain way for a long time, you may not know anything is wrong and you may assume you do not have any reason to see an eye doctor. However, certain clues can reveal that your eyesight is weak, and that you may benefit from corrective eyewear. Read on as Dr. Ernest Kornmehl reveals five signs you might need glasses.

1. Blurry Vision

The strongest sign that you might need glasses is blurry vision up close or far away. If you have trouble reading street signs while you are driving, or the text on your computer screen or smartphone is blurry, you likely need glasses.

2. Unexplained Headaches

Another sign that can indicate you need glasses is that you get unexplained headaches after doing close-up work (e.g., reading, computer work) or after periods of distance vision (e.g., driving). Not being able to see clearly up close or far away may put a strain on your eyes that triggers headaches. Getting glasses will prevent your eyes from straining and should lead to a reduction in headaches.

3. Persistent Eyestrain

Similar to headaches, eyestrain is another indication that your eyes are too tired from trying to focus light properly. If your eyes feel fatigued after spending a lot of time working on your computer or watching television, you may need glasses.

4. Halos Around Lights

The fourth sign that you may need glasses is that you see halos around light sources, such as a car’s headlights or a lamp. Halos tend to be worse in dark or low lighting conditions.  This indicates a problem with the way your eye focuses, and it can be corrected with prescription glasses.

5. You Squint Frequently

Finally, if you squint frequently when reading something close up or looking at something far away, you could need glasses. Squinting is normally something we do as a reflex to limit too much light entering our eyes. But it can also be a sign that your eyes are trying to compensate for poor vision.

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Although these signs do not necessarily mean you need glasses, it is still wise to see an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye exam. If you do have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, you can get a prescription for your specific visual needs. An eye exam with a trusted doctor can also detect or rule out any underlying medical conditions (e.g., cataracts, glaucoma) that could be contributing to your visual symptoms.

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