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After Your LASIK Procedure (Pt. 1)

Within hours of your surgery, constantly regenerating cells will already be growing over the edge of the corneal flap, helping to “glue” it down. This process takes a few days. Over the next several months, the internal healing process will totally seal the flap. In the interim, however, it’s improtant that you do all you can to make the surgery a success. The moment you leave the LASIK center, you are encouraged to take an active role in your body’s healing process by following a specific regimen prescribed by your eye doctor.

Who Performs Your Postoperative Care?

You may have a choice of having your postoperative care performed by Dr. Kornmehl (or another doctor on his staff) or your regular eye doctor. If you are traveling far to be treated by an expert surgeon, you will naturally want to have your eye doctor close to home take care of you. If Dr. Kornmehl is located nearby, you may still wish to have your regular eye doctor provide your routine postoperative care.

Your eye doctor will check your vision and examine your eyes to ensure proper healing, and he or she can provide temporary eyeglasses or contact lenses if needed during the healing process. After you have healed, he or she can also help you make the decision about whether or not enhancement is appropriate if your vision is not perfect. Your regular eye doctor will stay in close contact with Dr. Kornmehl in case any difficulties arise during your postoperative course.