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LASIK for Athletes in Boston

Benefits of LASIK for Athletes

What do Lebron James, Rory McIlroy, Lindsey Vonn and Greg Maddux have in common?

Besides being some of the country’s most celebrated athletes, all have turned to LASIK to gain a competitive edge in their sport. No longer wanting to be bothered by glasses or contacts, these elite athletes underwent laser eye surgery to achieve excellent independent vision.

The four men and women mentioned are not the only athletes reaping the rewards of laser eye surgery. Many other athletes you know, like Dwyane Wade and Tiger Woods, have also had LASIK. And nearly anyone who enjoys sports or other physical activities can benefit from clearer vision with LASIK.

Read on as Dr. Ernest Kornmehl discusses some of the specific benefits of LASIK eye surgery for athletes.

Better Vision Boosts Performance

One of the best benefits of LASIK for athletes is that clearer, crisper vision boosts performance. Nearly every athlete — from those that play baseball to basketball, hockey and water polo — need great vision and hand-eye coordination. With LASIK, most patients achieve 20/20 vision or better.

Another upside to getting rid of glasses or contacts with LASIK is that it enables athletes to focus fully on the game. Instead of bothering with glasses or contacts, athletes can devote their complete concentration on training, conditioning and competing.

Eliminates Some of the Safety Concerns With Corrective Eyewear

Glasses and contacts are more than just a nuisance for some athletes — under certain circumstances, they may even be a safety concern. Depending on the sport, fogged-up glasses or a contact that has fallen out unexpectedly may make it difficult to see the ball, boundary line or competitor.

Great Vision in Any Weather Condition

For athletes that are exposed to inclement weather, such as high winds, dust, snow or high temperatures, being free from glasses and contact lenses is a gift. Playing or training in these kinds of weather conditions with visual aids can significantly hinder performance; luckily, LASIK makes it possible to practice or compete in nearly any weather condition without concerns about corrective eyewear.

Get in the Game With LASIK

You do not need to be a professional athlete to see the benefits of LASIK. Perhaps you are a casual competitor, or a weekend warrior — or maybe you simply consider yourself an active person. Clear vision with LASIK can give you a leg up, no matter what your preferred sport or activity.

To learn more about LASIK and whether it is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kornmehl today.