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Common LASIK Fears

Dispelling Common LASIK Fears

It is extremely common to have fears or concerns about laser eye surgery. However, these fears should not hold you back from pursuing the clear, crisp vision you desire. Consider how much easier it is to tackle your fears when you have accurate information about what to expect.

An experienced, reassuring surgeon like Dr. Ernest Kornmehl of Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates can help you overcome your LASIK fears by educating you about the procedure, recovery and results.

Read on as Dr. Kornmehl shares some facts to dispel common LASIK fears.

“I’m afraid of pain during surgery.”

One of the most common fears about LASIK is that it will hurt. The idea of a laser coming into contact with the eye can understandably make some people squeamish. Most patients feel very little during the procedure. If anything, there is some mild pressure as the laser works, and very few people would describe it as anything close to painful. The procedure is also much shorter than most people expect.

“I’m afraid I will blink and mess up the procedure.”

During LASIK surgery, a special instrument gently holds your eyelids open so you do not blink. Furthermore, the laser that performs treatment features sophisticated eye-tracking technology that continuously measures the movements of your eye. The technology helps the laser adjust as needed, and can even pause the laser if your eyes move too much.

“I’m afraid of complications after surgery.”

Any surgery carries some risk of complications.  Dr. Kornmehl has undergone extensive training in laser eye surgery, and has decades of experience; his attention to detail and advanced skill set minimizes some of the risk of complications.

Also, advanced LASIK technology is engineered to reduce risks and prevent unwanted side effects. Ask Dr. Kornmehl about the technology he will use during your procedure and how it can decrease the likelihood of complications.

“I’m afraid I won’t get the results I want.”

The best way to get the results you want is to work with an experienced, qualified LASIK surgeon like Dr. Kornmehl. Once he has accurate measurements of your eyes and knowledge of your day-to-day lifestyle, he can give you an idea of what LASIK can reasonably do for you. Dr. Kornmehl can also share data that he closely monitors regarding previous patients’ measurements and the type of visual results they have been able to achieve.

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