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iDesign Vs. Traditional LASIK in Boston

iDesign vs. Traditional LASIK: What To Know

If you wish to achieve clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses, you may benefit from laser vision correction. Laser vision correction has come a long way since traditional LASIK was first approved by the FDA. Today, more surgeons, including Dr. Ernest Kornmehl, are embracing the technologically advanced iDesign platform because of the incredible benefits it offers patients.

In this post, Dr. Kornmehl breaks down the differences between traditional LASIK and iDesign.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional LASIK and iDesign?

Traditional LASIK was FDA approved in the late 1990s for the correction of refractive errors. During a traditional LASIK procedure, the surgeon creates a flap in the outer layer of corneal tissue; then, using an excimer laser, the surgeon reshapes the cornea to help it properly focus light onto the retina.

Although traditional LASIK is safe and effective for refractive errors, it has its limitations. For instance, the extent of correction needed is based on your eyeglass or contacts prescription. It doesn’t account for the complexities of your visual system, which is as unique as your fingerprint. Basing treatment solely on your prescription does not address all of the minute irregularities of your eye that compromise the quality of your vision.

iDesign, which was FDA approved nearly 20 years after traditional LASIK, represents a tremendous leap forward in laser vision correction. Though the procedure steps are very similar to traditional LASIK, iDesign is able to manage all of the complex visual imperfections of your eye. Prior to performing laser treatment, the advanced iDesign technology captures over 1,200 measurements of each eye, creating a map of the individual characteristics of your visual system. The data is then used to personalize the laser treatment to your needs. This customized approach allows Dr. Kornmehl to deliver the highest quality of vision while minimizing the possibility of problems like glare, halos and poor night vision.

Once the highly detailed map of your eye is created, it is integrated into a bladeless system that creates the corneal flap and shapes the underlying corneal tissue with two different types of lasers. In Dr. Kornmehl’s experience, most iDesign patients enjoy a swift visual recovery and can see clearly as soon as one hour after treatment. The quality of the results is significantly better than those of traditional LASIK: iDesign patients have described achieving “high-definition vision” that enriches their daily lives.

If you would like to learn more about the advances of the iDesign procedure and how it can give you the clear vision you deserve, please request an appointment with Dr. Kornmehl. Call or email us today to schedule your visit.