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Is Lasik Enhancement Right for Me?

LASIK is well-regarded as a safe and effective procedure that produces reliable results for many satisfied patients. The procedure boasts an impressive success rate, with nearly all patients experiencing a marked improvement in their vision. However, a small portion of LASIK patients may opt for a LASIK enhancement, which can improve upon previous LASIK results. At Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates, top ophthalmologist Dr. Kornmehl offers LASIK enhancement to patients. Learn more about this procedure below.

About LASIK Enhancement

LASIK enhancement is a secondary LASIK procedure that patients may opt to undergo if they are not satisfied with the results of their original LASIK procedure.

LASIK enhancement is performed only within the first year following the original LASIK procedure, in much the same way, and retains many of the same benefits as the original procedure except for one key difference: since the corneal flap has already been created during the first procedure, it does not need to be recreated during LASIK enhancement. Additionally, only minor reshaping is typically needed to achieve the desired results. This painless, quick, and effective treatment is associated with minimal downtime, with patients generally noticing an improvement in their vision within one or two days. After one year a surface procedure is performed.

When to Request LASIK Enhancement

Each patient has a unique set of variables that will determine their exact visual outcomes, but most who seek LASIK enhancement do so for the following reasons:

A desire to improve upon previous results: In most cases, LASIK only needs to be performed once for patients to enjoy great vision, especially with the ongoing advancements in LASIK technology. However, not every patient will achieve 20/20 vision after one treatment. These patients may choose this follow-up procedure to enhance their results and achieve the perfect vision they desire.

Desire to improve vision that has changed over time: While LASIK is an excellent choice for correcting existing refractive errors in patients, it cannot correct refractive issues that appear later. Over time, the eyes may change, including a change in prescription. When this happens within the first year following the original procedure, LASIK enhancement can be performed to correct new refractive errors and restore sharp vision in patients. After one year a surface procedure could be performed.

Sharper Vision in Boston

When you visit Dr. Kornmehl for laser eye treatment, you can feel confident that you are in the hands of one of Boston’s most renowned ophthalmologists. With extensive experience performing successful LASIK procedures, he is ready to help you achieve the best outcome possible. If you are interested in LASIK enhancement to improve your vision, don’t wait to contact us. To schedule a LASIK enhancement consultation, email us at info@visionboston.com or call our office today.