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LASIK and PRK: Your Chances for Success (Final Part)

High Hyperopia

If the sphere part of your eyeglass prescription is more than +4.00 you have a high degree of hyperopia. LASIK can still correct your vision up to +6.00 diopters, but the results are less predictable, and quality of vision may not be as good as for lower degrees of hyperopia. Above +6.00 diopters, LASIK is not an option for you. If you are in this range of hyperopia, you may wish to consider refractive lens exchange or an implantable contact lens.


Astigmatism is the second number on your eyeglasses prescription for each eye. Patients with mild astigmatism (less than 1.00) can expect outcomes and enhancement percentages nearly identical to those patients with myopia or hyperopia only. The presence of a greater degree of preoperative astigmatism will somewhat reduce your chance of achieving 20/20 vision after the initial procedure, making it more likely that you will want to have an enhancement. Astigmatism of 6 diopters or less can be corrected with either LASIK or PRK.