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Types of Eye Exams

Eye examinations are an important way of maintaining your eye health. Whether you need to seek help for specific eye issues or need to update your prescription for contact lenses and glasses, the experts at Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates can help address your needs. Internationally respected ophthalmologist Dr. Kornmehl provides a range of eye health examinations to diagnose eye health issues you may be experiencing. Continue below as we detail some of these examinations.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Regular eye examinations are a key factor in preventative care for your eyes. Many eye conditions can be present before symptoms show up, leaving you oblivious to any issues. Early diagnosis and treatment of these vision and eye issues can help prevent permanent damage and loss of vision. Based on your unique circumstances, Dr. Kornmehl will determine which tests will be conducted, which may include:

  • Vision acuity tests
  • Preliminary tests
  • Refraction tests

Contact Lens Exam

If you want a contact lens prescription, a contact lens exam is necessary for determining your depth perception, your visual acuity, and the overall health of your eyes. This exam may include tests such as tear film evaluation and topography, as well as others. If you are prescribed contacts, our specialists will also show you how to safely insert and remove your contact lenses; provide important information on the appropriate use of your contacts based on type (daily, monthly, etc.); and give you instructions for safe and hygienic handling of your lenses.

Children’s Eye Exam

Children’s eyes grow and change as quickly as they move through different stages of life. Children should be brought in for eye screening based on age to check for healthy eye development and diagnose any conditions that show up. These screenings can help determine when children should be brought in for complete eye examinations.

Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetes can lead to increased blood sugar in the body. Excessive amounts of sugar in the bloodstream can damage blood vessels throughout the body, including the delicate ones in the eye. If you have diabetes, annual eye examinations can help prevent the development of serious diseases that can threaten vision, such as diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema. A diabetic exam differs from comprehensive exams in that the focus will be on your retina and eye blood vessels.

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Eye exams help provide important information about the health of your eyes and future treatment plans. To detect, rule out, and prevent serious eye diseases, schedule an appointment for an eye exam today by emailing us at info@visionboston.com  or calling our office.