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Wavefront Technology- How It Has Improved LASIK (Final Pt.)

Cost for Wavefont

Wavefront-guided laser surgery is more expensive that conventional LASIK. The price varies among geographical locations and among surgeons. As with conventional LASIK, the fact that insurance companies consider this type of surgery “cosmetic” means they often will not cover the cost. Many surgeons offer financing options, however.\

Therapeutic Wavefront-Guided Retreatment

Wavefront technology is helpful in retreating problems that may result from LASIK. Occasionally, patients develop problems with quality of nighttime or daytime vision after undergoing LASIK surgery. These problems are usually caused by higher-order aberrations. Therapeutic wavefront-guided retreatment is a process employed by experienced surgeon during which wavefront technology is used to measure these higher-order aberrations; then the data gleaned from the wavefront technology are used to perform a LASIK retreatment. This application of wavefront technology can be used to treat many potential LASIK side effects, such as halos, multiple images, under-correction and glare.