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What Are Common Dry Eye Symptoms?

Dry eye syndrome occurs for two reasons: either you do not produce enough tears to keep your eyes properly lubricated, or the tears you do produce are poor-quality.

The most universal symptoms of dry eye are a dry sensation in the eyes and eyes that feel scratchy, burn or itch. However, the symptoms of dry eye syndrome can actually vary widely. Take a moment as Dr. Ernest Kornmehl of Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates reveals other common symptoms of dry eye.

Episodes of Excessive Tearing

Surprisingly, dry eye can cause episodes of excessive tearing (or watery eyes). Your body may produce excess tears to compensate for the persistent irritation of dry eyes. However, these periods may come and go quickly.

Foreign Body Sensation

If you have chronic dry eye, you may experience a “foreign body sensation,” or a feeling like there is sand, grit or another piece of material stuck in your eyes.

Eye Discharge

Dry eye can cause a watery or stringy eye discharge to occur. This discharge may cause your eyelids to stick together when you wake up in the morning.

Red Eyes

Red eyes (i.e., when the sclera, or the white part of the eye appears red) are a common symptom of dry eye.

Sensitivity to Light

Dry eye can cause photophobia (or sensitivity to light).

Eyelids that Feel Heavy

Dry eye can make your eyelids feel heavy or fatigued, especially after long periods of working on a computer or watching television.

Difficulty Wearing Contact Lenses

If your eyes are persistently dry or burn or itch, you might find it difficult to wear contact lenses comfortably.

Blurred Vision

If you have dry eye, you may experience persistent blurred vision or periods where your visual acuity fluctuates. You might have trouble reading a book, working on a computer or driving due to blurry vision from dry eye.

Finding Relief from Dry Eye

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see Dr. Kornmehl to determine what is affecting your eyes. Dr. Kornmehl can recommend treatments or medications to soothe your symptoms and properly manage your dry eye.

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