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What To Expect the Day After LASIK

Imagine that the day of your LASIK surgery is finally here. You anxiously arrive at the surgery center, ready for the procedure. The surgery itself is short with minimal discomfort — in fact, it is over in what seems like the blink of an eye.

After resting in the recovery suite, you are released to go home and advised to sleep the rest of the day. You are excited about your results, but nervous about what the next few days will look like.

Having an idea of what is to come will help settle some of your nerves. Read on as Dr. Ernest Kornmehl shares what you can generally expect the day after LASIK surgery.

Common Sensations

Expect that your eyes may feel slightly unusual the day after LASIK; this is a normal response to surgery. Your eyes may burn or itch and look red or bloodshot. They might tear or water. You may have the sensation that something is in your eyes (i.e., a “foreign body” sensation). As tempting as it may be, avoid rubbing or touching your eyes so you do not accidentally dislodge your healing corneal flap.

Mild discomfort the day after surgery is nothing to be concerned about, and you can take pain medication for relief. However, if you experience severe discomfort or pain, let Dr. Kornmehl know because it could suggest a complication.

Visual Improvement

You may notice an improvement in your visual clarity as quickly as the day after LASIK surgery. Or, you may experience fluctuations in the quality of your vision or strange visual effects like glare from bright lights, starbursts or halos around lights. These visual effects may continue to come and go during the first few weeks following LASIK.

Resuming Normal Activities

You can resume activities based on Dr. Kornmehl’s instructions specific to your case. He will likely recommend that you resume driving only if you are no longer taking pain medication and when you feel confident enough in your vision to drive safely. You should be able to go back to work within a day or so of surgery.

You can enjoy most of your regular daily activities as soon as the day after surgery, as long as you do not get water or steam in your eyes and you avoid dusty or smoky environments.

Follow-up Visit With Dr. Kornmehl

Plan for a follow-up visit with Dr. Kornmehl the day after your procedure. During the appointment, Dr. Kornmehl will examine your eyes to check your healing progress. He can answer any questions you have and address possible concerns.

If you have lingering questions about the LASIK recovery, our team is happy to answer them. Please call or email us today.