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Why Are Younger Adults Choosing LASIK?

As a highly sought-after Boston LASIK surgeon, Dr. Ernest Kornmehl has a finger on the pulse of today’s vision correction trends. In the past few years, he has started to notice a shift in the demographics of LASIK candidates, with an increasing number of younger adults choosing to undergo the life-changing procedure.

In this post, Dr. Kornmehl takes a closer look at some of the reasons for the increased interest in LASIK among young adults.

Less Time Dealing with the Inconvenience of Prescription Lenses

Seeking LASIK during early adulthood means less time having to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of prescription lenses. For the average young adult, this is extremely enticing.

Though young adults have a reputation for being technologically savvy and well-connected to digital devices, do not mistake them for couch potatoes. Many maintain active lifestyles, and glasses and contacts are simply incompatible with high-impact or athletic activities such as CrossFit, cycling, snowboarding and surfing. LASIK makes it possible to enjoy a wide range of physical activities without the aggravation of visual aids.

The Age of Independence

Freedom and autonomy are highly valued among young adults. The idea of being tethered to glasses or contacts, and maintaining the routine of cleaning them, caring for them and replacing them, is unappealing to today’s 20- or 30-something. LASIK allows patients to reintroduce spontaneity into their lives and make plans on a split second’s notice.

Smart Financial Investment

Many young adults are taking advantage of the opportunity to save more money by having LASIK earlier in life. Since LASIK eliminates or reduces the need for corrective eyewear, the procedure virtually pays for itself over time. Younger adults can save thousands of dollars on the repeated costs of glasses, contacts and the associated supplies. Furthermore, financing plans make the cost of LASIK more manageable!

Technology Is At Its Peak

Unlike previous generations, young adults tend to have a higher amount of trust in the effectiveness of technology. LASIK technology is at its pinnacle, with the entire procedure being performed using state-of-the-art lasers instead of traditional blades and instruments. Dr. Kornmehl is able to tailor each LASIK procedure to the patient’s unique refractive error and eye anatomy. Today’s technology allows patients to undergo a virtually painless procedure, recover rapidly and return to work and most activities within a few days.

If you are still on the fence about undergoing laser vision correction, Dr. Kornmehl would be pleased to tell you more about the benefits. Please request a consultation with him today by calling Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates or sending us an email.