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Why the Holidays Are the Perfect Time for LASIK Eye Surgery

‘Tis the season for good cheer and giving, and this time of year is also a great time to gift yourself good vision. Many people find LASIK in December to be the perfect opportunity to get rid of their prescription glasses and contact lenses and showcase their new outlook in the annual family photo over the holidays. Dr. Earnest W. Kornmehl is an internationally recognized ophthalmologist and laser eye surgeon who offers blade-free LASIK and custom LASIK in the Boston area.

LASIK for the holidays comes with many benefits, including:

1.    You Have Extra Time Off From Work

While LASIK doesn’t require extensive downtime, most people need to take two to three days off to recover and get used to their improved vision. Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates provides protective eyewear that is worn after surgery and whenever you go to sleep to prevent eye rubbing and LASIK flap complications. Prescription eye drops and over-the-counter artificial tears are recommended during this time, and the extra time off for the holidays gives you ample time to recover and enjoy better eyesight.

2.    More Time Spent Indoors

It’s best to stay indoors after LASIK and avoid environmental irritants, such as dust, wind and direct sun exposure or bright lights. The winter months are perfect for laser vision correction because most people spend their leisure time inside, where it’s warm and cozy, and avoid the harsh winter weather in Boston.

3.    Use Up the Rest of Your HSA or FSA Money

People with health savings accounts (HSA) or flex spending accounts (FSA) through their employers must use up all their funds by the end of the year or risk losing the remaining money. LASIK eye surgery is FSA and HSA eligible, and these accounts are a great way to cover the cost of laser vision correction.

4.    Enjoy Family Photos Without Glasses or Contacts

Many families and groups of friends take an annual photo during holiday gatherings. Having LASIK in time for the holidays means you can join the picture but leave your glasses and contacts behind. With crisp, clear vision, your eyes may shine a little brighter this year.

5.    Start the New Year With Better Vision

Bring in 2023 with better eyesight so you can focus on other goals in the new year. Many people enjoy an improved quality of life after LASIK. Starting your day with sharp vision may give you a fresh outlook, and some activities are more enjoyable. People who enjoy running don’t have to worry about glasses slipping down their noses or contacts irritating their eyes, and swimmers can enjoy swimming laps without blurry vision or prescription goggles.

Dr. Kornmehl has extensive experience and training, including an ophthalmology residency at the Yale Eye Center, Yale School of Medicine, where he was selected as Chief Resident. He has developed a unique approach to LASIK and uses the Kornmehl LASIK System® for laser vision correction.

If you’re interested in LASIK, contact Kornmehl Laser Eye Associates in Boston, Massachusetts, at (877) 870-2010.