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Will I need other treatments if I have LipiFlow for Dry Eye?

LipiFlow is not a cure and the the amount of symptomatic relief you will experience is dependent on how advanced your disease is prior to treatment. Patients with mild to mild/moderate disease get significant relief of symptoms from LipiFlow alone. Those with moderate to moderate/sever disease often get relief of symptoms with LipiFlow plus other treatments like punctum plugs, doxycycline or Restasis. Some patients with severe disease will not get any symptomatic relief at all. The benefit they receive is maintaining the small number of glands they have left. Several patients with severe disease had significant improvement in their symptoms after after three LipiFlow treatments in nine months. This may be a result of them having very thick secretions that did not melt after the first treatment. Severely obstructed meibomian glands can have higher melting points.