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Your Consultation (Final)

Informed Consent

If your doctor determines, based on the examination, that you are a candidate for LASIK, he or she will ask you to sign an informed consent form. This is your written legal consent to have Dr. Kornmehl proceed with your LASIK surgery. Review it carefully, and sign it only after you understand everything on the form. Don’t be shy about asking questions.

Working with Your Eye Doctor

Many primary eye doctors today offer LASIK surgery as an option for their patients who don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses. If you have a good primary eye doctor, he or she will review the risks and complications of LASIK with you and provide written material to further your education. He or she will often do the comprehensive eye examination to ensure your eyes are healthy, and then refer you to a capable surgeon. Often the primary doctor will also provide routine postoperative care for you as well. This carefully coordinated sharing of care between Dr. Kornmehl and your primary eye doctor is called comanagement. It offers you the advantage of a second expert who knows you well to oversee the process and ensure that your are satisfied with the results.