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Ocular health in Boston

How an Active Lifestyle Benefits Your Ocular Health

Physical activity is a critical component of your overall well-being. Study after study demonstrates that unhealthy behaviors such as a sedentary lifestyle, heavy smoking and poor diet affect your heart and rates of diabetes, cancer, disability, brain function and mortality. Your ocular health is among this litany of health dangers from lack of exercise. Research… Read the full article

Keratoconus treatment in Boston

How Can You Prevent Keratoconus From Getting Worse?

Keratoconus is a commonly misunderstood eye disease. It causes the cornea to weaken, thin and bulge outward. Instead of retaining its normal round shape, the cornea becomes more cone-like. The visual effects include blurry and distorted vision and astigmatism or nearsightedness. Keratoconus is progressive and usually develops slowly (often in adolescence and early adulthood). If… Read the full article